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James Blunt – Tears And Rain / Слезы и Дождь

“How I wish I could surrender my soul; Shed the clothes that become my skin; See the liar that burns within my needing. How I wish I’d chosen darkness from cold. How I wish I had screamed out loud, Instead I’ve found no meaning.


James Blunt – Same mistake / Старая ошибка

“Saw the world turning in my sheets And once again I cannot sleep Walk out the door and up the street Look at the stars beneath my feet Remember rights that I did wrong So here I go Hello, hello There is no place I cannot go My mind is muddy but My heart is read more …


James Blunt – Wisemen / Мудрецы

“She said to me, “Go steady on me. Won’t you tell me what the Wise Men said? When they came down from Heaven, Smoked nine ’til seven, All the shit that they could find, But they couldn’t escape from you, Couldn’t be free of you, And now they know there’s no way out, And they’re read more …


James Blunt – I Can’t Hear The Music / Я не могу слышать музыку

“Is it a warning Is it an evil sign Is it a people who have lost their minds Is it the darkness Is it a man resigned Is it a best friend leaving you behind Is it ever gonna stop? Will they ever let you go? You’re in a rush, they don’t care enough ’cause read more …


James Blunt – Annie / Энни

“Annie, you had your name in the bright lights I thought I saw your photograph Having such a laugh in a magazine Did it all come tumbling Annie, and you were made for the big time They said you were a star to be in the NME But the walls came tumbling down, down Will read more …


James Blunt – Give Me Some Love / Дай мне немного любви

“Me and my guitar play my way It makes them frown The little pieces by the highway Bring me down Mine is not a heart of a stone I am only skin and bone Those little pieces are little pieces of my own Why don’t you give me some love I’ve taken a shit load read more …


James Blunt – Carry You Home / Заберу тебя домой

“Trouble is her only friend And he’s back again Makes her body older than it really is. She says it’s high time she went away No one’s got much to say in this town. Trouble is the only way Is down down down.


James Blunt – One of the Brightest Stars / Одна из ярчайших звезд

“One day your story will be told. One of the lucky ones who’s made his name. One day they’ll make you glorious, Beneath the lights of your deserved fame. And it all comes round. Once in a lifetime like it always does. Everybody loves you ’cause you’ve taken a chance, Out on a dance to read more …


James Blunt – Cry / Плачь

“I have seen peace. I have seen pain, Resting on the shoulders of your name. Do you see the truth through all their lies? Do you see the world through troubled eyes? And if you want to talk about it anymore, Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder, I’m a friend.


James Blunt – So long, Jimmy / Пока, Джимми

“I just can’t believe that it’s over. We were chilling out on the sofa, Digging how the guitar goes, In a song that no one knows. Did you lick that line yourself, Or did the voodoo magic help? Does everyone have a different take? Do you seem real but I seem fake? Does everyone get read more …



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